FASTDOSE – Syringes dose drawing


FASTDOSE is a plug & play dose drawing for syringes that can be installed inside of Hot Cells or Isolators also that is devoid of dose calibrator
Two dose calibrators at Integrated ionization chamber
The dual integrated dose calibrator allowing you to have the measure of the activity removed from the main vial and injected into the syringe.
Two separate peristaltic pumps
Two independent circuits for saline and for the radiopharmaceutical are planned in order to have a better precision dispensing.
During the dispensation of saline solution (which requires a lot of laps of the peristaltic pump) the capillary of the circuit of the radiopharmaceutical is not unnecessarily stressed.
The dose drawing is able, starting from a vial containing a solution of the radiopharmaceutical, to prepare ready-to-inject syringes, containing the activity and the desired volume.
The dose drawing dispenses the radiopharmaceutical by backing the breakdown in activity and is able to add saline until the desired volume.

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