Class “A” upper zone according to EEC GMP III Ed. suitable to make the operations of elution of the generator, labeling, dispensing and calibration of the radiopharmaceuticals. In the lower zone there are 3 class “B” pre-chambers (optional n. 4 prechambers) according to EEC GMP III Ed. • Generators prechamber (n. 4 generators) • Waste pre-chamber • Raw materials Inlet/outlet pre-chamber • Preparations outlet pre-chamber (optional) In the lower zone there is also the shielded compartment for the ionization chamber of the dose calibrator.

INN1 ADAPTABILITY TO THE OPERATORS’ HEIGHT To make possible the use of the isolator to operators of different height is provided a system of vertical oval flanges and a inclined shielded panoramic glass. The oval shape of the doors and flanges ensures a great adaptability to different heights of the operators, thanks to the large excursion of the arms that they allow. When the hand passage doors are open, thanks to the absence of handles, they are perfectly parallel to the door and do not interfere with operations outside of the isolator.
TOUCH SCREEN OPERATOR PANELINN2 The isolator is equipped with touch-screen operator panel suitable to be handled with gloves. All functions can be performed and saved on the operator panel in order to have full traceability of operations. From the operator panel, you can export data, import software updates, record transactions.
All access to the lower compartments have Hidden Raised Edges.INN3 This innovative system prevents any infiltration of liquids accidentally paid below the working plane and at the same time allows the coplanarity of the branches with the working plan.
EXTRACTABLE PLATFORM INN4Further aid for adaptation in height is provided by a platform of 150 mm in height that can be extracted from the frame of the isolator. The special shape of the door allows to obtain a space for the operator’s knees in the lower area that is also devoid of protruding handles.

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